... verifications till date.

@hara4pple: Screen reader: Am I a joke to you?

@dank_3: How can I get the screen reader to read 'maybe, probably not' instead?

@dank_3: Only for screen reader

@rock_rox: Obviously security issue if that's possible. You can make phishing pages which reads completely different things than what it shows

@hara4pple: Why is it a security issue though? People make normal visual phishing pages too right

@rock_rox: If you hide a cross site button like Facebook's like or YouTube's subscribe or buy me a coffee etc. You can easily make people click on stuff that they didn't intend to and might even cost them financially. This was problem with iframes for long time. They have checks to make sure you can't overlay stuff to hide iframes n all

@hara4pple: You mean the owner of the website can make people click on something else? They can still make a visual button that says Twitter but links to Facebook no?

@rock_rox: Yes. It is facebook like button for a page but screen reader says 'cancel button'.

@hara4pple: I can't do an on click listener somewhere else that calls click on my like button?

@rock_rox: You can't access iframe elements from host page's JS

@hara4pple: Same way shouldn't be able to set alt text to iframe elements no?

@rock_rox: If you are able to hide whole item on the screen that still active and clickable then its the same no? You can make a game or something tell them to click in specific place where they have no idea there is an iframe for buying

@rock_rox: BTW game thing was already done with iframe before, where they had a game(whack a mole kind) overlayed on iframe before iframe's security issue was handled.

@hara4pple: Things like fb like won't listen to click on the entire iframe right? Then I should still be able to trigger onclick from host website code

@hara4pple: like 'fb like'

@rock_rox: It won't. But you can you can direct users to click bottom left corner etc as game while the iframe is essentially invisible to them in screen reader. Iframe's button takes the click not the whole iframe. The security issue is in hiding soomething in screen reader not in reading something that's not there

@hara4pple: I thought screen reader did something like tabbing through elements 🤔

@rock_rox: It should. There shouldn't be a way to hiding something for screen reader

@rock_rox: That's the point

@hara4pple: Will be resolved if like button has its own alt text?